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Friday Jan. 28th

​6:00 pm

​Bring the games that you like to play and we will play with you. Hey don't sit home and be bored, come join the fun!!!

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What is WFCC Y.A. Ministry About? 

We are a community of young adults that seeks to make a difference by serving God’s purposes faithfully in our generation. We gather regularly at church, in homes, coffee shops, parks and anywhere we can find the space for community. We find creative ways to impact and reach our city through outreach. We try to come together on the last Friday of each month to celebrate all God is doing with worship, fellowship, games, and prayer. 

 Our vision is simple. We exist to see young adults saved, on fire, set free, equipped, empowered, and serving God. No matter your story, background, or circumstance, we invite you to be apart of WFCC-LV YA Ministry.

What Is WFCC's Marriage Ministry About?

Marriage can be rewarding and challenging. Do you need a good dose of marital pep? Looking for other fun couples to hang out with? Newly married or just celebrated your 10th anniversary—no matter what state your marriage is in, we are here.

Our mission is to see marriages healed, equipped, and empowered. We want to help you build a solid foundation for your marriage and family by equipping you with the building blocks for a healthy family.

 From in-depth studies on marriage enrichment; pre-marital & marriage counseling; fun date nights with other couples and our annual marriage retreat, we believe we have something for you. Stay connected by following us on social media, and this webpage, this is going to be an AWESOME year!