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The best way to find out more about WFCC, baptism, membership, volunteering/serving and outreach is through our NextSteps Path.

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Foundation Classes are a Biblical based foundational study of God’s Word. This series covers major events in the believer’s life moving from the birth of a Christian to the maturing fruit bearing lifestyle of the believer. If you have been wanting to get your life on course with God but did not know how or when, NOW is a good time!

Foundation One classes are extremely important to the believer for two reasons;

  • #1 It is imperative that believers know what they believe and
  • #2 Why. Many Christians even though saved many years, have no solid scriptural foundation for what they believe or do.  
  • God’s Word says in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”

​​Foundation classes help you acquire that knowledge. Take that step of faith today! Register to join the next class.

Discover the Gifts God has given you and how they fit with WFCC Ministries.

Sign-up to take the next exciting class on

"Discovering & Using Your Spiritual Gifts"

We will help you use your gifts for the glory of God. If you don't know which gifts you have or you are not sure, or you just need to be activated in them, then this class is for YOU!

What is Pre-Membership?

It doesn't matter if you are just checking us out for

the first time, or you have been coming for awhile.

Pre-membership class allows you to preview what we are all about, our vision, values, structure, & beliefs before making a commitment to be a part.